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MICHAEL WILLIS is an English graphic designer, art director and artist working at the intersection of Music, Fashion, Art and Culture.  Based in Melbourne (Naarm) and operating internationally.  Michael is Art director for Amsterdam based record label Melody As Truth, and co-runs online space and platform ︎  CLIENTS  Nike, R&S records, Bicep, Frank Ocean, Island Records, Bloomberg Business, Red Bull, Tame Impala, Warner Music, Kenzo, Spotify, Phantasy, Babylon, Ghostly, Adidas, Melody As Truth, Warp Records. All rights reserved ©2021
MAT19 – Artwork for That Side I Never See by Hugh Small and Brian Allen Simon. Released via MAT (NL)
Album artwork for About You by Suzanne Kraft – 12" released on MAT (NL)
MATstudio – Art direction and artwork for new experimental sound series by MAT (NL)
MAT15 – A Heart So White by Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft. Photography by Pierre Zylstra. 12" vinyl packaging and artwork by me
BICEP (UK) Poster and artist series merchandise