MAT19 – Hugh Small and Brian Allen Simon - The Side I Never See. 12” Vinyl packaging & artwork
MAT20 – Suzanne Kraft  ‘About You’. 12” Vinyl packaging & artwork
BICEP (UK) Poster and artist series merchandise
MAT20s – Suzanne Kraft 7" Artwork and digital
Artwork and design for In Vitro EP by Melbourne based producer Cambio Sun
MAT14 – The World Lies Breathing by Land of Light. 12" vinyl packaging and artwork
Babylon L.A. apparel graphics & design (selected)
Poster for MAT (NL) at Het HEM, Netherlands
Dro Carey – ‘NIASP’ album released on Soothsayer (AU)
MAT 4-6 – Artwork for 12" and 7" vinyl for Melody As Truth
MAT framed space: Selected Works (2014 - 2017) Japanese CD packaging
MAT8 – Passive Aggressive by Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft. 12" vinyl packaging and artwork
MAT9 – D.K / S.K 12” vinyl packaging and artwork
Hugues Rey – Communication 12” album, EP and single artwork
MAT10 – Universel by Palta. 12" vinyl packaging and artwork
MWILLIS x SHOOP (JP/ES) Artist series collobaration. Graphics & Lookbook. Photography by SHOOP
Ghostly Intl. (US) Artwork for Ghostly Podcast
Dro Carey – Single artworks released on Soothsayer (AU)
M.WILLIS x Warp records (UK) Artist series

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