Michael Willis (b. 1987, UK) is a visual artist and designer based in Melbourne, Naarm (AU)  read more
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Dekmantel x Salomon A collaboration between Dekmantel music festival and sports brand Salomon. Merging Salomons performance with Dekmantels unstoppable dancers we pay homage to Dekmantels home ground Amsterdamse Bos forest and its organic community.
Salamon XT-4 OG
Design and Artwork by Michael Willis
Photos by Pim Rinkes
Film by Olivia Lonsdale and Lief
Partners Bas Van de Poel / Modem
and Perre van den Brink / Foster & Kin
TERRA A companion for mindful wandering by Modem and Panter&Tourron. Open source by design, TERRA is a mininal pocket-sized haptic compass powered by AI. Input your journeys prompt, time and location a recieve tailored GPS coordinates guiding your wandering into the unknown. Build your own myterra.ai
Not all that wander are lost.
Vision & Concept by Modem
Industrial Design by Panter&Tourron
Software & Hardware by Alice Stewart
Product Renders by Côme Lart
Illustrations by Hugo Bernier
Campaign Artwork by Michael Willis
Website by Pieter de Jong
Other EarthA conversation with the world
Founder and creative direction by Michael Willis exploring connected nature and technology, through art, objects, clothing and research. Made on Other Earth, operated out of Melbourne Naarm, Australia
emsah.world Event artwork for swimwear label emsah
Loure Translucid Transit EP and posters for Melbourne based music producer Loure
hearted a project by John Skelton, co-founder of LN-CC and Low Intervention wine. This is his personal story about rebuilding his life after addicition through physical health and mental discipline.
A+ Positive Messages P.A.M. and Cali DeWitt. Poetry for by Michael Willis. Photography © Perks and Mini
DekmantelArtwork for Dekmantel European Club Tour